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Vodka Infusions Recipes

Photo from Adobe Stock/uckyoSpiced VodkaIngredients:1 whole vanilla pod (bean)500 ml (17 oz) good vodkapinch of cardamom pods4-5 cloves1 cinnamon stickpalm-size piece of orange peel (100% pith free)1 liquorice root stickthumb-sized piece of peeled gingerMethod:Cut the vanilla pod lengthways ...

Limoncello Recipe

Photo from Adobe Stock/Nelly KovalchukIf you aren’t on the Amalfi Coast and don’t have access to Sorrento lemons, fear not; any lemons will work for this recipe. It is a two-step process, which can be viewed as the “sweet lemon vodka thingy” and the “porty lemony stuff.” The port ...

Green Apple, Ginger and Yuzu Vodka Recipe

 Green apples are naturally more acidic than other varieties, with a crisp, sharp taste. Combined with the aromatic and warm qualities of ginger and the floral fragrance of yuzu, the tang of the apple gives a spark to this infusion of flavours.Makes: 700 ml (23 1/2 fl oz) Takes: 10 minutes, ...


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