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Chocolate Bourbon Recipe

 Chocolate Bourbon comes from infusing bourbon with cacao and it makes the perfect affogato. Traditionally, Italians pour a shot of coffee over ice cream, to make a creamy coffee dessert but I like to use salted caramel ice cream, a shot of coffee and a shot of chocolate bourbon. Salty, ...

Green Apple, Ginger and Yuzu Vodka Recipe

 Green apples are naturally more acidic than other varieties, with a crisp, sharp taste. Combined with the aromatic and warm qualities of ginger and the floral fragrance of yuzu, the tang of the apple gives a spark to this infusion of flavours.Makes: 700 ml (23 1/2 fl oz) Takes: 10 minutes, ...

Provençal Thyme Liqueur

 Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus/Dzevoniia Makes about 1 quartHomemade liqueurs can also be made with sage or fennel leaf. A Danish recipe uses fresh lemon thyme.Ingredients:2/3 cup dried thyme1 liter vodka3/4 cup sugar3/8 cup water1 branch fresh thyme (optional)Directions:Combine thyme ...


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