Pineapple Tepache Guidelines and Troubleshooting

Check out this guide for this tempting pineapple tepache drink, including troubleshooting tips and signs that it’s ready to drink.

| August 2019

Photo by Getty Images/sveta zarzamora

Everything about pineapple tepache screams, “Summer! “It’s a sweet, fizzy and absolutely delightful probiotic drink that’s simple to make, utterly affordable and uses pineapple skin scraps: sustainability in action. This is wild fermentation at its best. 

Pineapple tepache originated with the Nahua people in pre-Columbian Mexico. The word tepache translates as “drink made from corn.” This is how the drink was originally fermented.

When my husband and I were backpacking around Mexico we often purchased pineapple tepache from one of the many street vendors or market stalls. The tepache was sold in a plastic bag, which was sealed at the top using a rubber band and had a straw poked into the side. The taste of the sweet and bubbly pineapple-flavored liquid instantly transports me back to that time in my life when things were easy and breezy.

The fermentation process for pineapple tepache is simple, quick and easy to master. It relies on the wild yeasts that live on the pineapple skin and in the environment to convert the sugars. I have tried making tepache using pineapple flesh rather than the skin but the result was a less vigorous, less fermented brew.

Essentially, you can adapt the essence of this recipe to make any fruit-infused probiotic drink you like. Keep the sugar and water ratios the same, but replace the pineapple skins with apple skins, raspberries, strawberries or any other fruit that’s in season.



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