Beet Kvass Guidelines and Troubleshooting

Curious about brewing kvass, but not sure where to start? Read this handy guide to basic beet kvass crafting, including signs that it’s ready.

| August 2019

Photo by Pixabay/congerdesign

Beet kvass is an acquired taste. It’s salty and earthy, with little sweetness, so it’s a great drink if you want to avoid sugars in your diet. It’s essentially an infusion of beets, salt and water, fermented by wild yeasts in the air. If you want a daily probiotic shot to keep you in tip-top shape, go for kvass.

Beet kvass is sometimes thought of as a gut tonic and digestive aid. It has fantastic liver-purifying benefits, with a high concentration of beets in a small glass. It’s also blood purifying and super nutritive, as the fermentation process increases the availability of the nutrients in the beetroot.

Beet kvass is a multitasking probiotic. It’s beautiful as a shot in the morning before breakfast and can be used in place of vinegar on salads. You can add a dash to a homemade juice for an extra probiotic boost or drizzle it over a soup. The leftover fermented beets can be used to make borscht, a traditional Russian soup that is said to give longevity to those who eat it.

Beet kvass is an ancient Eastern European home staple, traditionally made with aging rye bread. It was widely considered to be safer to drink than water, because contaminated water was transformed to a healthy drink during the fermentation process as the “good” bacteria overcame the “bad” bacteria.

As for all the ferments in this book, the fermentation time given in the recipe is only a guide. The temperature, amount of salt, type of water, size of the beets and microbes in your home will all help determine the outcome of your beet kvass.



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