The Fabric of Fermentation: Kombucha Couture

 Kombucha is everywhere:  on tap in restaurants, bottled in grab-and-go beverage cases, and filling growlers for takeout — but it’s also being used to craft dresses, jackets, handbags, and more. More specifically, the gelatinous culture (or “ SCOBY”) that ferments the popular ...

My First Kombucha

  Shutterstock/Max D. Photography When I was in the research stage of this magazine, I opted to go hands-on with a ferment that was new to me.  Of course, this was made easy given my access to the inventory of the Fermentation store. I decided to try the Kombucha Brew Now Jar Kit, a ...

How to Grow a SCOBY

 If you are interested in science or want the thrill of making your own kombucha from start to finish, try growing your own SCOBY. It takes roughly 3 weeks, and depending on the temperature of your home, it may or may not grow. Here’s how to do it:Purchase a bottle of raw, unflavored ...


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