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Salsiccia Romagnola: The Elegance of Flavor

Shutterstock/Barbajones Born in Paris, Kevin Caradeuc spent his childhood living between France and the small province of Ravenna in northern Italy, just a few miles from the Adriatic Sea. He’ll soon open his own restaurant, Brasseries a la Mode, in Paris, where he intends to capture the ...

Salsiccia Romagnola Recipe (Adapted for the Modern Kitchen)

Photo by Meredith LeighFermentation type: LactoPrimary Fermentation: 7 to 10 daysSecondary Fermentation: 3 to 4 weeksTotal Time: 5 weeks and 3 daysIngredients:5 ounces dried plums, chopped5 fluid ounces Sangiovese wine2 1/2 pounds pork shoulder meat1 1/2 pounds pork back fat1/2 ounce organic ...


Inspiration for edible alchemy.