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Weralu Achcharu (Olive Pickles) Recipe

Photo from Adobe Stock/olindanaSold as a snack by the roadside and by beach vendors all over Sri Lanka, these olives have a great flavour and texture — and once you’ve eaten one, you keep going back for more. They also make a great chaser for a beer or a glass of coconut arrack.Region: Sri ...

Shio Koji Pickles Recipe

Shio k?jiShio means salt, so this is simply salted and soaked rice k?ji. It is liquid like a rice porridge. It’s great for cooking and pickling with as the enzymes in k?ji break proteins into amino acids that get turned into glutamate – the umami factor. You can buy already prepared shio ...

Sake Lees Pickle Recipe

Sake Lees Pickle RecipeI’m pretty excited to be writing about sake lees right now. Initially I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on any and didn’t want to tease you with this. But sake lees is experiencing a true renaissance in Japan, where it has long been easily ...


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