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Salsiccia Romagnola: The Elegance of Flavor

Shutterstock/Barbajones Born in Paris, Kevin Caradeuc spent his childhood living between France and the small province of Ravenna in northern Italy, just a few miles from the Adriatic Sea. He’ll soon open his own restaurant, Brasseries a la Mode, in Paris, where he intends to capture the ...

Salsiccia Romagnola Recipe (Adapted for the Modern Kitchen)

Photo by Meredith LeighFermentation type: LactoPrimary Fermentation: 7 to 10 daysSecondary Fermentation: 3 to 4 weeksTotal Time: 5 weeks and 3 daysIngredients:5 ounces dried plums, chopped5 fluid ounces Sangiovese wine2 1/2 pounds pork shoulder meat1 1/2 pounds pork back fat1/2 ounce organic ...

Fermentation Advisory Board

CHRIS COLBYChris learned to homebrew in 1990 while starting his graduate work in biology at Boston University. After earning his Ph.D. and briefly working in educational publishing, he began writing about brewing. He’s authored two books — Home Brew Recipe Bible and Methods of Modern ...


Inspiration for edible alchemy.