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Turning Weeds into Wine

Photo by Christopher ShockeyIn the small Midwestern town where I grew up, there was a clear distinction between weeds and worthwhile plants: Anything that was meant to be eaten was in the garden. What was left was the yard, which was meant to be a sea of untarnished grass. Dandelions were my ...

Micro-Batch Dandelion Wine

Ten years ago this spring, my husband and I made a 5 gallon batch of dandelion wine on our first date.  Dandelion wine requires commitment you see.  While you can pick enough dandelions for a good-sized batch in about 20 minutes, it takes hours to separate the flavorful petals from the bitter ...

Dandelion Wine Recipe

The article called Wild Edible Plants that ran recently in MOTHER EARTH NEWS said that after dandelions flower you should leave the plant and go on to other foraged fare. But a nice lady gave us a recipe for dandelion wine that's supposed to have health giving properties. We made it and it's ...


Inspiration for edible alchemy.