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Celiac-Safe Sourdough

 Sourdough is a bread of, and for, the people. The simple combination of wheat flour, salt, water, and time creates a beautifully fermented and nutrient-dense leaven bread — a basic food staple around the world. Encouraging wild yeasts and lactic acid through fermentation is the oldest ...

Deceptively Simple Sourdough

Photo from Getty Images/Enzo Nguyen@Tercer Ojo PhotographyWild yeast populations exist just about everywhere, from whitish blooms on grapes to a subtle presence on grains. Because they vary greatly from region to region, yeasts give local foods a custom taste. That’s why sourdough bread from ...

Basic Sourdough Boule Recipe

Photo from Adobe Stock/Rawpixel.comThis French-style mild sourdough boule traditionally uses unbleached bread flour, plus some whole-wheat and rye flours. You can skip the whole grains and just use 500 grams of bread flour, but I encourage you to start using more whole grains when you feel ...


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