How to Make Fruit Kvass with Probiotic Benefits

| 5/14/2019 10:39:00 AM


Fruit kvass is a fermented drink that is quick and easy to make, loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics and inexpensive to create.

For tens of thousands of years, our ancestors ate real meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, fats, oils, fish and fermented foods. As fermentation was their only method of preserving fresh foods for future ingestion, these particular items were probably eaten daily. Our gut biome depended upon them.

Fermented foods not only give us enzymes that will help us to digest our meals and probiotics to keep us well, but they make the vitamins and minerals in these foods easier for our bodies to assimilate.

Even though we now have the options for freezing, canning and refrigerating our crops and animal products, it might be wise to include some fermented items in our diets. Fruit kvass is probably the easiest of all to make.

A fruit kvass can be put together in under three minutes. It can be made with almost any fruits or vegetables — you can use lots of them or just a little bit. The produce can be fresh, frozen or dried.

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