Emily Vincunas

Emily Vincunas

Occupation: Co-founder of Hiker Hunger & Go Ferment! Emily of GoFerment!

Place of Residence: Medford, MA

Background: A Massachusetts native, Emily lives just outside of Boston with her fiancé, Rory, and dog Seamus. All three are BIG fans of outdoor adventures, trying new things, and healthy eating! Emily and Rory began making small batches of beer, cider, mead, kombucha and wine in 2012. After a year of spending their weekends creating these delicious drinks, they started looking into other ways of fermenting and creating gut-healthy foods. Emily has always been an avid gardener and fermentation was a great way to utilize the abundance of veggies from her garden. After doing a bit of research online, she learned the ins and outs of vegetable fermentation! Emily and Rory started their company, Go Ferment as a way to offer an introductory kit to beginner fermenters. They have dreams of building the brand and expanding its product line to include other beginner kits focused around food and drinks in the health and wellness space. 

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