Find inspiration to brew your own beer using these all-grain recipes, expert profiles, and guides on everything from growing hops to serving and tasting your finished product.

Beer, Wine and Cocktail Pairings

By Fermentation Editors

Be inspired by the Fermentation staff’s picks for sweet, savory, salty, and spicy combinations of our favorite ferments.

History, Untapped: The Story of Hillbilly Gold

By Hannah Chenoweth

Two women team up to research and re-create a pilsner originally brewed by Baltimore’s historic George Bauernschmidt’s Brewing Company.

Kveik: A Saccharomyces Superstar

By Jereme Zimmerman

This once-obscure Norwegian yeast is taking the brewing world by storm.

Lambic: A Beer Worth the Wait

By Chris Colby

Bring a little bit of Belgium beer to your home brewery with lambic, whose production and final products stand out from any other ale.


Brussels-Style Lambic Beer Recipe

Brew this Belgian beer right at home, and enjoy its complicated character after a longer fermentation period that’s entirely worth the wait.

Live Culture Celebration

By Jean Denney

Learn about Fermentation Fest, an annual celebration of live culture in all of its many forms, and Farm/Art DTour, a biennial food, farm, and art road trip.

Love Beer? Thank the Women Who Made It Possible

By Julia Skinner

Brewing began with women seeking creative answers to the simple question of staying fed, and that lineage runs throughout the history of the craft.

Violet-Infused Cider

by Kirsten K. Shockey

Flavor your favorite cider with the delicate floral notes of springtime violets.

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