Don't let these sour grapes get you down, and learn how to make wonderful merlots and pinots, along with a wide range of other unconventional wines and meads!

Gorse Kick Mead Recipe

Gorse Kick Mead Recipe

Brew this delicious mead made from sweet, coconutty gorse petals, local honey, and complemented with a bit of a kick from a few chillis.

Home Wine Making the Right Way

By Erin Shafer

Home winemaking is easy to do if you have the right equipment and the patience to wait for perfection.

Mead Through the Seasons: Winter

By Nancy Koziol

Prepare for this winter with this 14th century honey mead recipe. It’s rich, toasted marshmallow-like flavor is sure to warm even the coldest of souls.

Mead Through the Seasons: Summer

By Nancy Koziol

Brew these refreshing meads for hot summer days. The Morat and Sima brews are perfect for milder palates while Capsicumel is great for spicing things up.


Mead Through the Seasons: Fall

By Nancy Koziol

Brew this Cyser mead to help celebrate this year’s harvest. Perfect for beginners, this fun twist on cider is best enjoyed during the fall, but can be drank throughout the year

Mead Through the Seasons: Spring

 By Nancy Koziol

Welcome in spring with these assorted sweet mead recipes. Whether you’re an experienced brewer or budding beginner, these recipes are a sure hit.

How to Make Rhubarb Blueberry Wine

By Erin Sheehan

"Bluebarb" wine is delicious and well worth the effort!

The Ten-Minute Guide to Home Winemaking

By Sue Robishaw

Sue Robishaw creates easy-to-make homemade wine recipes, read up on her ten-minute guide to home winemaking.

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