The Ten-Minute Guide to Home Winemaking

Sue Robishaw creates easy-to-make homemade wine recipes, read up on her ten-minute guide to home winemaking.

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Wild black cherries and chokecherries abound on our Cooks, Michigan homestead. It was one of our early quests to find something to do with them, as neither food nor money was in any particular abundance when we struck out on our own. At first we were content to simply admire them, but the nutritional content of admiration is very low.

You can make chokecherry jam and pies to be sure, but they require a great deal of sugar sweetening and eventually I had to give up on them for baking. I soon found that their ideal place was not on a plate but in a glass.

You'll find bookshelves full of guides to better wine and beer making. They are, for the most part, good, honest books with much to offer, but they do tend to make the process seem like 225 pages worth of daunting detail. In fact, wine virtually makes itself, and after experimenting with proportions of the very few ingredients involved, you'll have fine results in a very short period of time. Usually, you'll be more than pleased, and no one has to know about the little mistakes you'll relegate to the cooking-wine shelf or the compost pile. Consider my recipes as "pre wine guide" fodder, my ten-minute guide to home winemaking.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Usually? What happens when it's undrinkable? Do I have to taste each bottle?"



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