Don't let these sour grapes get you down, and learn how to make wonderful merlots and pinots, along with a wide range of other unconventional wines and meads!

Voices of the Earth: TerraVox Wine and Green Dirt Farm Cheese

By Quinna Lehr

These Midwestern artisans incorporate a love of the land into their products, and give voice to unique flavors that reflect America’s heartland.

Ancient Orange Wines

By Joyce Angelos Walsh

Discover the Caucasus region’s ancient roots of winemaking, the aromatic white grapes grown there, and the fermentation process that gives orange wine it's distinct hue.

Your First Foray into Wine Fermentation

By Chris Colby

If you want to be a vintner but find yourself without a vineyard, processing plant, or wine cellar, say hello to a beginner’s best friend: the small-scale wine kit.

Epicurean Esters

by Caitlin Wilson

Many of the delicate notes celebrated in wines and beers are the work of esters, but producing them is finicky work.


Erik the Red Cherry Mead Recipe

by Chris Colby

This fruit mead was formulated to have a high probability of delicious success for a beginning mead-maker. If you follow the instructions closely, you’ll have a wonderful mead to drink in a couple of months.

Modern Mead-Making

By Chris Colby

Learn how mead-makers have adapted winemakers’ expertise, and try your hand at a cherry mead recipe calculated for success.

“Bee” Charmed in Baltimore

By Jean Denney

Meet James Boicourt, an entrepreneur with a beguiling take on modern mead-making.

A Taste of Place

By Kate MacLean

Learn how American innovation and traditional French ideals have left vintners of the two countries in constant contention.

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