Vegetables and Nuts

Learn how to ferment vegetables and nuts with these scrumptious recipes for kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, and yes, even a bit of chocolate!

Mesu (Fermented Bamboo Shoots) Recipe

By Peter Kuruvita

Use this tangy, sour fermented pickle as a snack or base of a curry, a tradition in the Himalayan foothills and northeast India.

Gundruk (Spicy Fermented Vegetables) Recipe

By Peter Kuruvita and photo by Alan Benson

Keep this dish — known as Nepal’s kimchi and made with vegetables leftover from the summer produce harvest — around as a winter staple.

Fermenting Seasonally: Fall Fennel-Celery Salad Topper Recipe

By Holly Howe

Fennel and celery both enjoy the cool weather of early fall, making it the prime time to find these crops in markets. Use them to make this zesty salad topper to add flavor to your favorite salads all winter long.

Saving Tomato Seeds

By Stacy Lyn Harris

Use this simple fermentation method to preserve viable seeds from your favorite tomato varieties for next season’s garden.


Cucumber Fennel Kvass Recipe

By Amanda Feifer and photos by Courtney Apple

Pair fennel, cucumber and citrus peel for this high-class kvass and serve it at your next summer tea soiree.

Sweet Potato Fry Nests Recipe

By Amanda Feifer and photos by Courtney Apple

Fermented sweet potato fries, you ask? Oh yes, you can certainly ferment sweet potato fries. Here’s how.

Sauerkraut Steak Recipe

By Amanda Feifer and photos by Courtney Apple

Ferment and pickle slabs of cabbage for another take on the traditional sauerkraut dish, an attempt by the author to reconnect to her heritage.

Sriracha Recipe

By Rockridge Press

Create this popular Asian hot sauce in your own kitchen using red jalapenos, sugar, vinegar, the sun, and a little bit of time.

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