Vegetables and Nuts

Learn how to ferment vegetables and nuts with these healthy and delicious recipes for kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, and more!

Then and Now: A Personal Perspective on Fermentation

By Sandor Katz

Self-described fermentation revivalist Sandor Ellix Katz muses on the past and future of fermented foods, personally and culturally.

Outlandish Homemade Sriracha Recipe

By Jet Tila

Preserve the summer harvest of serrano and jalapeno peppers with this tasty, homemade sriracha recipe.

Cucumber Kimchi Recipe

Recipe by Jet Tila; photos by Ken Goodman

Make a quick ferment of cucumber kimchi. It takes about a day for the cucumbers to transform into a crunchy, funky treat.

Fermented Hot Sauce for Summer!

By Emily Vincunas

Whether you’re growing a garden full of goodies or perusing the local farmstands, we’ve got you covered for the hot pepper onslaught that comes with summertime! Try this hot sauce out at your next summer BBQ, you’ll be sure to bring the heat!


Slow-Braised Umbrian Wild Peas Recipe

By Peter Gilmore

Enjoy the flavor of Umbrian wild peas with a fermented shiitake and black garlic purée. Ideal as an accompaniment to braised meat.

Fermented Mushroom Chawanmushi Recipe

By Peter Gilmore

Bamboo shoots are not just for pandas! Try this seasonal treat of bamboo shoots in chawanmushi, a savory custard, with fermented mushrooms.

Beef and Pork Wrapped in Vine Leaves Recipe

Words by Ino Kuvacic; photos by Ino Kuvacic and Chris Middleton

Use some of your extra sauerkraut in this tasty, beautifully spiced Croatian recipe.

Baked Black Olives Recipe

By Ino Kuvacic

Enjoy the flavors of summer year-round with this Croatian recipe for preserved black olives.

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