Vegetables and Nuts

Learn how to ferment vegetables and nuts with these scrumptious recipes for kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, and yes, even a bit of chocolate!

Aquafaba Mayo Recipe

by Robin Asbell

Give this vegan mayo a try! With a yummy base of creamy cashews, tangy lemon juice, and olive oil, this recipe will please even the pickiest of palates.

When Life Hands You Garlic Mustard, Ferment It!

and photo by Kirsten K. Shockey

Garlic mustard is the poster child of invasive species; eat it and ferment it while helping out local ecosystems.

How to Make Preserved Lemons

By Jake Lasorsa

Learn how to preserve your own lemons to add a unique citrus twist to your cooking.

Fermented Vegetables: Traditional Sauerkraut

By Michael O'Brien

Make this traditional sauerkraut and get all of the surprising health benefits that fermented foods offer.


How to Make Turnip Kraut

By Kelly Farrens

Learn how to make kraut from your own garden turnips.

Simple Sauerkraut Recipe

By Tabitha Alterman

Want to try fermentation at home? Start with this Simple Sauerkraut Recipe.

An Easy Salt-Free Sauerkraut Recipe

By Mike Benton

This salt-free sauerkraut recipe makes easy work of this popular German condiment paired with hot dogs, sausages and German food.

Sauerkraut: What Makes it Sour?

By Jennifer Nemec

Improve cabbage's taste and nutrition through fermentation.

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