Vegetables and Nuts

Learn how to ferment vegetables and nuts with these scrumptious recipes for kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, and yes, even a bit of chocolate!

Miso Pickles & Tamari Recipe

By Sandor Ellix Katz

Transform some vegetables of your choice by pickling them in miso. As a bonus, enjoy the tasty tamari that results from the process!

Dali-Style Cucumber with Vinegar and Chile Sauce Recipe

By Georgia Freedman

Learn how to make this easy, yet refreshing, flavorful, and spicy Dali-Style Cumber with Vinegar and Chile Sauce.

Babao Style Duck Stewed in Beer Recipe

By Georgia Freedman

Try this scrumptious babao style duck. With a brown sauce made of beer and a fermented, fragrant chile sauce, this dish packs a flavorful punch.

A Typical Yunnanese Kitchen Pantry

By Georgia Freedman

Learn about fermented chile pastes, vinegars, and a wide-variety of other condiments and spices commonly found in Yunnanese cuisine.


Napa Cabbage Kimchi Recipe

By Byung-Hi Lim and Byung-Soon Lim; photos by Anna Kern.

Make classic Napa cabbage kimchi with this authentic recipe.

Ginseng Kimchi Recipe

By Byung-Hi Lim and Byung-Soon Lim; photos by Anna Kern.

Use ginseng roots to make a healthy and flavorful kimchi.

Cashew or Sunflower Seed Cream Cheeze Recipe

Written by Karen McAthy and photographed by Colin Medhurst

Transform soaked cashews or sunflower seeds into a plant-based cream cheese alternative with this easy recipe.

Semi-Soft, Plant-Based Cheese Recipe

By Karen McAthy

Discover how to craft easy and delicious short-aged, semi-soft plant-based cheeses from a kefir culture with this recipe.

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