Vegetables and Nuts

Learn how to ferment vegetables and nuts with these healthy and delicious recipes for kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, and more!

Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Soup) Recipe

By Byung-Hi Lim and Byung-Soon Lim; photos by Anna Kern.

Make good use of your kimchi by cooking up this delicious, comforting soup.

Fermented Root Vegetables

By Michael O'Brien

When you make this recipe with root vegetables you'll get all of the surprising health benefits from fermentation.

Fermented Vegetables: Cucumbers

By Michael O'Brien

Get all the surprising health benefits of fermented foods when you make this cucumber recipe.

Fermented Salsas for Preserving Peppers

By Kirsten K. Shockey

Unlike store-bought condiments, these spicy concoctions for preserving chiles are rich with nutrients and flavor, developed through lacto-fermentation.


Preserving Vegetables With Lacto-Fermentation

By Amy Grisak

Preserving vegetables using lacto-fermentation helps provide the best probiotics for your health.

Guide to Fall Food Preservation

By Eugenia Bone

Extend the life of your fall harvest with these basic guidelines and easy recipes, and enjoy homegrown flavor and nutrition all year long.

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Try these natural probiotic foods for anti-cancer properties, metabolic health and much more.

Nutritious Soybean Recipes

By William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi

Cooking and preparing soybeans; including recipes for boiled soybeans, pressure-cooked soybeans with brown rice, soybean soups, deep-fried soybeans and more.

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