Zodiac Fermentation: Taurus Sauerruben

| 4/22/2020 2:26:00 PM

Photo by Pyramid Ferments


April 20th-May 20th

Thank you for joining us on our fermentation journey through the zodiac! We will be expressing each zodiac sign’s characteristics through different fermentation recipes and methods.

The sign of Taurus is embodied as the Bull. Comfortable on the earth, beautiful, boastful and strong in green pasture or furrow. Bulls can work tirelessly but also know how to throw their strength around if something poses an obstacle. Venus shines upon Taurus and offers an appreciation of beauty and harmony. Skills in agriculture, carpentry, art or music and luck in love are all gifts available to this sign.

Taureans have a steady persistence, unequaled in the zodiac. They are capable of great foresight, often planning far in advance and putting in years of steadfast and hard work to plod towards their goals. It's a bit like the tortoise and the hare; we know who wins that race and how. But the bull has the added advantage of sharp horns and great physical strength. If you get in their way, they can choose to deftly remove you from the path; nothing will keep them from whatever they set their eye upon. The bull is known to be stubborn; changes to such a driven course or way of thinking are difficult, but not impossible, to adjust.

Once they have won their race, they definitely know how to celebrate! Taureans have a love of pleasure and comfort. Good food, good wine and good company; the fine things in life are all highly valued. Taureans are born to achieve mastery over physical matter and their core motivation is security, both emotional and physical. They are not in it for the love of the game, but for the rewards the game can offer. They can achieve their desired comfort and security and celebrate life's pleasures with their determination, practicality, patience and purposeful power on the earth. They put down deep roots and their home is very important to their overall sense of harmony and well being. 

To celebrate Taurus' earthy harmony we have crafted a recipe for a beautiful and delicious fermented Sauerruben; a traditional Eastern European fermented turnip. Sauerruben is an amazing and addictive ferment with deep flavour so different than sauerkraut. We pay homage to the earthiness of Taurus with turnips and garlic, and to Venus with the electric pink beauty of the beets.

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