Dried Fruit Chutney Recipe

Add whey and spices to make this sweet, zesty fruit sauce. In lieu of whey, liquid from fermented vegetables like sauerkraut work just as well.

| May 2019

Photo by Hayley Barisa Ryczek 

Spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruit are often put together in creative combinations to make chutney, a type of condiment often associated with Asian cuisine. Chutneys can be sweet or hot.

Dating as far back as 500 B.C.E., this pickled type of relish has always been simple to prepare. First created in India, chutney was initially a way of preserving foods. The recipe was eventually made popular with the Roman and British empires and then adopted by the American and Australian colonies.

Chutneys are served with many meals in India. Although the earliest varieties were prepared at home, commercially prepared chutney is readily available today. Some commercially prepared chutney includes added sugar, so check the label before purchasing.

The British took home chutney from India during the colonial era, and they favored the mango variety. They called it “Major Grey’s Chutney,” and it was widely available commercially, becoming quite popular. It was sometimes called “mangoed” vegetables or fruit.

Chutney was developed to keep fruits and vegetables shelf-stable, but its popularity declined with the advent of refrigeration. Refrigeration opened up a world of possibilities for storing perishable foods and fermentation was used less often. Chutneys are popular again today. In the Caribbean and the United States, cooked papaya and mango chutney are popular. They are often paired with fish, ham, and pork.



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