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Start crafting your own home-brewed kombucha with a 3-gallon brewing starter kit and the Big Book of Kombucha. An impermeable glass fermenter keeps the kombucha pure, while the stainless steel spigot makes pouring and serving a breeze. Also included is a live SCOBY, black tea, cane sugar, and everything else you need! Plus, easily transport your homemade kombucha with a set of 12 specially designed EverBru Kombucha EZ Cap Bottles with Swing Tops. Each glass container holds a generous 16 ounces, and the handy lids make “burping” your kombucha a snap.

Discover how easy crafting your own money-saving fermented masterpieces can be using the best tools, products, and resources. Fermentation magazine brings it all to you: recipes from around the world, fun and trustworthy how-to videos, and a community of experts and amateurs alike devoted to the craft.

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