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A complete cider-making starter kit, Crooked Apple Grimhilde gives you everything you need to craft dangerously drinkable hard cider. The orchard-fresh, 100 percent apple juice recipe kit includes every piece of equipment you need to perfect your poison.

The recipe kit is pure to the core. No added sugar. No additives or preservatives. Just pure, crisp, liquid apples and a 6 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

Brew cider with brilliant clarity and customizable taste. Pristine glass fermentors last a lifetime and will never taint your cider with off-flavors, colors, or aromas. Craft lip-smacking cider, batch after batch. Make it to-die-for with the first starter kit to feature a secondary fermentor. Clarify your cider in secondary, sweeten to perfection, and age for mature flavor. Good enough to make Johnny Appleseed jealous, Crooked Apple isn't just hand-picked, it’s polished.

Kit includes:

• Grimhilde 1-Gallon Cider Recipe Kit
• Complete Instructions
• Little Big Mouth Bubbler Primary Fermentor, Bung, and Airlock
• 1-Gallon Secondary Fermentor, Cap, and Airlock
• 2 FermagraF° Adhesive Temperature Strips
• 18-Inch Plastic Paddle
• Mini Auto-Siphon and Tubing
• Bottle Filler, Capper, and Caps
• Food-Grade Cleaner and Sanitizer

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