Other Spirits

Distill a deluge of different spirits ranging from woody whiskeys to crisp and clear vodkas.

The 3 Steps of Distilling Alcohol

and photo by Josh Bayne

All about the 3 major steps in the alcohol distillation process.

A Slick Cider-Making Setup

By Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey

Advisory Board members Kirsten and Christopher Shockey explain how to scale your cider-making setup from hobbyist to tailgate supplier.

Liqueur of Love Recipe

By Rich Gulling and Pattie Vargas

This cordial was named based on its main ingredient, coriander, which was used historically to bring luck and ward off illness.

A Flavor-Positive Whiskey Wash

by Victoria Redhed Miller

Glean grains of understanding about the importance of yeast and bacteria in enhancing whiskey flavors through fermentation, prior to distillation.


Vodka Infusions Recipes

By Dan Jones and illustrations by Daniel Servansky

Use these six simple recipes, featuring flavor-rich ingredients, to create unique and creative additions to your mixed drinks.

Limoncello Recipe

By Shaun Byrne and Nick Tesar

Create a smoky, intense twist on this Italian lemon liqueur by charring the lemons before infusing them with vodka.

Green Apple, Ginger and Yuzu Vodka Recipe

By Kathy Kordalis and photos by Jacqui Melville

Raise your spirits game with this crisp, warm, fragrant infusion that can be used in a variety of fresh cocktails.

Chocolate Bourbon Recipe

By Kathy Kordalis and photos by Jacqui Melville

This liquor infusion makes a perfect spiked, coffee-based dessert. Pour it over a scoop of ice cream for a sweet, boozy, chocolatey masterpiece.

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