Other Spirits

Use these recipes and guides to learn how to brew and distill a variety of different spirits ranging from hearty meads to tasty liqueurs.

The History of Chartreuse

By Haley Casey

Learn how, with a recipe historically shrouded in secrecy, this unique herbal liqueur has gathered global intrigue.

Chartreuse Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

By Haley Casey

Get to know Chartreuse with these two recipes, which feature the green and yellow varieties of the fragrant liqueur.

Smoked Tarbooz Recipe

Recipe by Will Bowlby; photos by Hugh Johnson

Make this Indian-inspired vodka cocktail that melds the flavors of watermelon, cinnamon, lime juice, and single malt whiskey.

Homemade Booze Recipe

By Cinead McTernan

Steep botanicals, such as juniper berries and angelica root, in a high-alcohol spirit to make an easy DIY gin.


DIY Vermouth & Bitters Recipe

By Cinead McTernan

Try your hand at making your own vermouth and bitters with this guide. Experiment with tinctures and find your favorite flavor.

Verde Maria

Written by Florence Cherruault and Photos by Clare Lewington

Try out this recipe for a Verde Maria, tasty even without the booze. Includes white rum, chili liqueur, cucumber and pickle juice.

Watermelon Mojito Recipe

By Florence Cherruault

Another great refreshing cocktail for the summer. Try out this recipe for a watermelon Mojito, with dark rum it’s sure to revive you from the heat.

Sour Cherry Liqueur Recipe

Words by Ino Kuvacic; photos by Ino Kuvacic and Chris Middleton

Learn about the variety of Croatian desserts, influenced by the crossroads of cultures there, and try this easy-to-make sour cherry liqueur.

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