Discover more about non-alcoholic fermentation beverages including water kefir, sodas, kombucha, lemonades, and vinegar related drink recipes.

Tips and Guidelines: Fermentation Crocks

By Amanda Feifer and photos by Courtney Apple

Follow this expert’s advice to help you choose the correct type of crock to suit your home fermentation needs.

Pineapple Tepache Guidelines and Troubleshooting

By Felicity Evans

Check out this guide for the tempting pineapple tepache drink, including troubleshooting tips and signs that it’s ready to drink.

Beet Kvass Guidelines and Troubleshooting

By Felicity Evans 

Curious about brewing kvass, but not sure where to start? Read this handy guide to basic beet kvass crafting, including signs that it’s ready.

Basic Pineapple Tepache Recipe

By Felicity Evans

Capture the essence of summer with this no-nonsense recipe for pineapple tepache. Use tepache in piña colada for a delightful twist on an old favorite.


The Metabolic Process of Fermentation

By Chris Colby

Learn the metabolic process underpinning the specific cycles that create fermented food and drink.

Simple Peach Vinegar Recipe

By Renee Pottle

Homemade vinegar is one of the simplest ferments you can attempt. Better yet, this basic recipe can be adapted to fit your favorite fruit.

Honey Infusions to Flavor Basic Soda

By Dawn Combs

Change up your soda recipe by experimenting with infused honeys to add different, subtle, and delicious flavors to each batch.

Inside and Out: Vessels for Fermentation

by Christopher Shockey

Let your personal aesthetic, form, and function guide you to the perfect container.

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