Your Pickling Primer

Get the facts on DIY pickling and the methods that create these delicious dishes. Plus, learn the difference between pickling and fermentation.

| June 2019

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All the Pickles

The term pickle is best known as the soured cucumber you get in a delicatessen or jarred on the supermarket shelf, but pickle refers to any soured food made through different processes, which can take anywhere from minutes to weeks to complete.

There are several different types of pickling that we’ll explore in this book. While the end result may taste similar in its mouth-puckeringly sour crunch, some distinctly different practices can create very diverse results.


Fresh pickles are the quick-pickling choice and are the most common type of pickles found in supermarkets. Soured using a mixture of an acetic acid (most commonly vinegar) and water, they are typically flavored with salt, a variety of spices, and sometimes sugar. Most canned pickle recipes are this type of quick-process pickles. These pickles can span the gamut of pickled food items, from vegetables to fruits to even eggs.

The term fresh in this pickle’s title means they have not been fermented, but soured just enough to retain their bright color, crispy texture, and fresh taste. Despite being called “fresh” they are not ready to eat when the recipe is complete, but rather, many fresh pickles must be stored from days to weeks to obtain their full flavor.

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