Basic Herbal Honey Soda Recipe

Craft refreshing honey sodas with a few basic ingredients and a bit of time.

| Fall 2019


Honey’s antibacterial qualities can be problematic for the microorganisms necessary in the fermentation process. However, the addition of liquid to honey disrupts its naturally occurring antimicrobial environment and allows healthy microbes to move in. The exciting thing is, even when diluted, honey maintains the ability to carry and catalyze the phytochemicals from herbs, fruits, or vegetables mixed into it. When we ferment a blend of these ingredients, we make a true superfood that delivers all the benefits of fermentation, including improved digestion, along with all the inherent benefits of honey, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Honey is a beautiful fermentation medium. It contains its own active yeasts that, with a bit of added water and time, will reliably turn into booze. At some point, I realized that my failed experimental infusions could be made into sodas and wines for the enjoyment of my family.

Fermentation type: Lacto

Primary Fermentation: 2 to 4 days

Secondary Fermentation: 12 to 24 hours



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