Discover more about non-alcoholic fermentation beverages including water kefir, sodas, kombucha, lemonades, and vinegar related drink recipes.

The Fabric of Fermentation: Kombucha Couture

Story and photos by Gianaclis Caldwell

Think kombucha is just for drinking? Check out how one fashion designer is using SCOBYs to craft sustainable, environmentally friendly fabric.

Water Kefir: a Delicious Probiotic Beverage

By Kelsey Steffen

Try using the delicious probiotic beverage that’s both cost effective, easy to make at home, and an excellent Gatorade and soda replacement.

Lacto-Fermented Lemonade Recipe

Written and photographs by Julia Mueller

Try out this refreshing recipe for a probiotic Lacto-fermented Lemonade, an easy to make, seasonal treat for any time of year.

Feed Your Gut Microbiota

By Caitlin Wilson

Digest the latest scientific evidence for why we should keep eating fermented foods as a means to support the amazingly complex functions of our gut flora.


Easy Ferments to Make Right Now Part 1 Beet Kvass

By Laura Poe, RD

Stuck at home? Add some effervescence in your life by fermenting a batch of delicious Beet Kvass using this beginner friendly recipe.

Connecting Large & Microscopic Environments

by Jean Denney and Caitlin Wilson

A Q&A session with Dr. Zach Bush reveals the truth about current health concerns at the intersections of human biome, microbiota, food, and farming.

The Great Molasses Flood: A Crisis of Fermentation?

By Lydia Noyes

A sticky wave of sweetener flooded Boston’s North End, carrying with it a hidden cause behind the catastrophe.

All About Vinegar

By Bettina Malle and Helge Schmickl  Disas

Although you can make accidental vinegar by leaving a bottle of wine open too long, most vinegar-making is carefully managed for precise results.

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