Meat and Fish

Discover more about fermentation including ways to preserve meat, curing, sausage making, and fish and meat recipes.

Fish Sauce Recipe

By Sandor Ellix Katz

Safely brew fish sauce using small saltwater fish, crustaceans, or mollusks with this guide.

Filipino Burong Isda and Balao-Balao Recipe

By Sandor Ellix Katz

Try this quick Filipino ferment of rice and either freshwater fish or shrimp.

Lessons from a Master Ham Maker

By Georgia Freedman

Join Peng Qignan and learn about his meat aging process and how he started his business in the mid-1980s during China’s first economic reforms.

Koji Mold Growing

By Meredith Leigh

Learn the science behind mycelia and the fermentation of mold grown directly on the surface of the meat called Koji Charcuterie.


Nduja Recipe

By Meredith Leigh

Embark on a meaty adventure with this recipe for Nduja, a spicey and spreadable salami that can be spread on bread or used as a sauce.

Five-Spice Koji Lomo Recipe

By Meredith Leigh

Combine Chinese five-spice with koji spore infused flour to culture pork and try this recipe for a delicious fermented Danish loin.

Sake Lees Marinade Recipe

By Sharon Flynn

Incorporate the umami flavor and tenderness of sake lees into your marinades with this easy and versatile Japanese fish recipe.

Dry Curing: The Tastiest Way to Preserve Meat

By Karen Christian, Swiss Hills Ferments

With a little bit of salt and some time, you, too, can turn your leg of venison into prosciutto or your farmstead's pork belly into pancetta.

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