Meat and Fish

Discover more about fermentation including ways to preserve meat, curing, sausage making, and fish and meat recipes.

Mackerel Recipe

By Katherine Green

Try fermenting mackerel fillets with herbs for a dish teeming with flavor and probiotics. Sardines and anchovies can also be used.

Salt, Sugar, and Dill-Cured Salmon Recipe

By Jon Wipfli and photography by Colleen Eversman

Turn that beautiful salmon fillet into a tasty and versatile ingredient — the star of any dish. This curing recipe also works for trout and bass.

Shrimp Paste Recipe

By Katherine Green

Give your dishes a tasty kick with this ferment. Creating this pungent, flavorful seasoning is easier than you think.

Shrimp Paste

Written by Christina Arokiasamy; photo by David Hagerman

Discover the Malaysian tradition of transforming fresh shrimp into the complex, rich umami belachan—fermented shrimp paste.


Sambal Belachan Recipe

Recipe by Christina Arokiasamy; photo by Penny De Los Santos

Whip up the Malaysian staple of chillis, lime juice, and toasted fermented shrimp paste (belachan).

Kebab King Chicken Shawarma

By John Gregory-Smith

Learn this unique Lebanese recipe for Kebab King Chicken Shawarma, spiced to perfection and wrapped in masses of garlic sauce, chili and pickles.

Dry Curing Meat Basics

By Jake Levin

Learn about the basics of dried curing, how you can start at home, and all of the gourmet foods such as prosciutto or gravlax you can make.

Salt Selecting Fundamentals

By Jake Levin

Start with kosher salt to draw blood out of the meat, use curing salt for cold smoking, and save the artisanal salts for finishing.

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