Meat and Fish

Discover more about fermentation cooking including ways to preserve meat, curing, sausage making, and fish and meat recipes.

Lardo: The Poor Man’s Prosciutto

By Charles Wekselbaum 

Learn how to make traditional high-quality Italian Lardo out of the thickest, creamiest fatback you can find without a cave or marble vat.

Kimchi Sausage Recipe

By James Peisker and Chris Carter 

Be an outlaw in the world of classic sausage making and combine flavors and textures to create a truly unique dish. This recipe does just that.

Introduction to Dry Curing

By Dick and James Strawbridge and photos by Nick Pope

Get the basics of preserving meats without water. This tutorial examines the dry curing process, guidelines, ratios and time considerations.

Large Mild Chorizo Recipe

By Charles Wekselbaum

Discover how to vary your presentation techniques using this large, spicy and beautiful salami recipe for mild chorizo.


Butchering and Filleting ‘Two Fillet’ Fish

By Jon Wipfli and photography by Colleen Eversman

Learn the steps to proper processing and filleting after you’ve caught ‘the big one.’ Get tips from an expert fish butcherer.

Cilantro and Jalapeño-Cured Pike Recipe

By Jon Wipfli

Use citrus and herbs in your salt cure to give pike or any other lighter-flavored fish a distinct punch. Serve atop tortilla chips for a fresh snack.

Cured Meat Recipes

By Susie Theodorou and photos by John Kernick

Get a primer on types of Mediterranean cured meats and recipes for pairing them with their ideal fruits and other ingredients.

Cured Salmon with Crème Fraiche, Lemon, and Dill on Toast Recipe

By Jon Wipfli and photography by Colleen Eversman

Pair cured salmon with fat, acid and fresh herbs. Included are bonus recipes for cucumber pickles and red onions for additional pops of flavor.

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