Meat and Fish

Discover more about fermentation cooking including ways to preserve meat, curing, sausage making, and fish and meat recipes.

Pickled Perch Recipe

By Heid E. Erdrich

Curious about “prairie sushi”? Make this tasty pickled perch recipe using juniper berries, vinegar, allspice, mustard seeds, and more.

Microscope Minutiae: The Micrococcus Microcosm

By Caitlin Wilson 

Meet the miraculous microbes responsible for curing safe-to-eat sausages since before the invention of refrigeration.

Swedish Surströmming

By Chris Colby

Meet a millennia-old cultural delicacy that many claim is the smelliest food in the world.

Salsiccia Romagnola Recipe (Adapted for the Modern Kitchen)

By Meredith Leigh

Try your hand at making traditional fermented dry Italian salami at home from scratch. This pork recipe is adapted for the modern kitchen.


Salsiccia Romagnola: The Elegance of Flavor

by Meredith Leigh

Ingest the foggy air, sea salt, and terroir of Ravenna, Italy, and absorb the poetic science of how these elements combine to make dry Italian salami what it is.

Basic Bulgogi Barbecue Recipe

By Caitlin Wilson

The word “bulgogi” literally translates to “fire meat,” which is the perfect description of this warm, spicy, popular Korean dish.

Miso Roasted Black Cod (Misoyaki) Recipe

Recipe by Jet Tila; photos by Ken Goodman

Try this sweet and salty miso marinade to bring out the buttery flavors of black cod.

Dry and Semidry Sausages

By Philip Hasheider

Learn about the differences in sausages and processes and chemical reactions that distinguish one from another.

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