Craft homemade sourdough, injera, dosa, yeasted breads, and more, and, while your at it, try your hand at some healthy, fermented variations on old favorites like pancakes and oatmeal!

Back-to-Basic French Bread Recipe

Make this classic French bread recipe, which comes from a history of French bread recipes from English and American cookbooks. Try one of the many ideas for French bread, whether the sippets recipe, cinnamon toast, or bread and butter pudding.

How to Make Easy, No-Knead Crusty Bread

By Roger Doiron

Learn how to bake no-knead crusty bread that’s deliciously moist and chewy inside, but still has the beautiful outer crust of rustic, peasant loaves. The No-Knead Dutch Oven bread technique and recipe is easy even for beginners. Includes recipe, ingredients list, instructions, step-by-step photos and a video demonstration of the technique.

Creating Homemade Sourdough Bread From a Starter Mix

By Lynn Keiley

Lynn Keiley discusses the difference in quality you find when baking homemade sourdough bread from a starter mix.

Simple Steps to Bread Baking

by John McLure

Bread baking is cloaked by a bit of undeserved mystery — many people assume it takes a long time and involves complicated steps but that couldn't be further than the truth.


A Klondike-Style Sourdough Pancake Recipe

By Mary Appelhof

This Klondike-style sourdough pancake recipe is the perfect main course for a special winter morning's breakfast, includes pancake recipe, sourdough starter recipe and ways to personalize the recipe.

Sourdough Starter Recipe for Bread Baking and More

By Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson shares an easy sourdough starter recipe along with a German-style sourdough bread recipe worth trying.  

Bake up Herbal Breads for the Smell of Home

By Susan Belsinger

Susan Belsinger talks about why you should bake up herbal breads for the smell of home to warm you in fall and winter.

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