Craft homemade sourdough, injera, dosa, yeasted breads, and more, and, while your at it, try your hand at some healthy, fermented variations on old favorites like pancakes and oatmeal!

Lijiang “Baba” Filled Flatbreads Recipe

By Georgia Freedman

Make this delicious Lijiang classic, a flatbread called baba. Although, it’s typically served for breakfast, this dish is perfect for any meal.

Quick Teff Crepes Recipe

By Kittee Berns

Try making these delicious, quick teff crepes the next time your craving an injera, but don’t have the time for the full cooking process.

Notes on Injera

By Kittee Berns

Learn about the classic Ethiopian flatbread, injera, and its history, use, and potential for a filling, tasty gluten substitute.

Ye'tef Injera Recipe

By Kittee Berns

Learn how to make these tangy teff sourdough crepes known as “ye’tef injera”. Both tasty and healthy, these little guys are a perfect side-dish.


Ersho Recipe

By Kittee Berns

Use this recipe to make teff sourdough starter, the fermented building block of any injera dish. It stores great, so you’ll have plenty to keep on hand.

8 Easy Steps to the Perfect Sourdough Bread Starter

by Sandor Ellix Katz

This simple sourdough bread starter can be used in a variety of recipes!

Fermented Oat Porridge Recipe

By Sandor Ellix Katz

A live-culture twist on a breakfast classic puts a healthier and creamier bowl of oatmeal on your table in the morning.

Rejuvelac Recipe

Written by Karen McAthy and photographed by Catherine Downes

Learn how to create rejuvelac from wheat berries, farro, or other grains with this tutorial.

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