Craft homemade sourdough, injera, dosa, yeasted breads, and more. Discover healthy, fermented variations on old favorites like pancakes and oatmeal!

Brie in Brioche

By Richard Bertinet

Defy the norm and add a savory compliment to this brioche bread with brie, cheese, live pate, or even smoked salmon.

Rustic Miche Recipe

By Richard Bertinet

Combine a sourdough ferment with a little fresh commercial yeast for this tasty recipe for a good looking Rustic Miche.

Koji: An Ancient Mold and Its Modern Renaissance

by Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

Rediscover the Japanese culinary wonder that’s making its way into the contemporary spotlight.

Deceptively Simple Sourdough

By Victoria Redhed Miller

Capture the flavors of the region through wild yeast and a sourdough starter, and use it to bake unforgettable bread.


Basic Sourdough Boule Recipe

By Victoria Redhed Miller

Make this unforgettable French-style mild sourdough boule using a from-scratch starter and wholesome ingredients.

Basic Miso Tare Recipe

By Brian MacDuckston

Learn how to make this miso- and soy sauced-based tare, or sauce. Tare is one of the most important components in a bowl of ramen.

Basic Miso Ramen Recipe

By Brian MacDuckston 

Make even a basic bowl of ramen at home and you’ll be hooked. A topping of green onions and seasoned pork belly accompany chewy noodles and salty broth.

Yakimiso (Stir-Fry Miso) Ramen Recipe

By Brian MacDuckston

Try this ramen dish, which calls for the chef to stir-fry the soup in a wok prior to serving. The extra step concentrates the flavors.

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