Craft homemade sourdough, injera, dosa, yeasted breads, and more. Discover healthy, fermented variations on old favorites like pancakes and oatmeal!

Simple Injera Recipe

By Gianaclis Caldwell

Try a new type of flour with these tangy, teff-based flatbreads originating from Ethiopia and its neighbors.

Shiitake Tasty Paste Recipe

by Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

Add an extra level of flavor to your cooking with this fermented shiitake paste

Meet the Marvelous Miso

by Kirsten K. Shockey

Learn about the protein-packed Asian staple miso and its numerous uses and variations.

Leavening Legends and Cultural Creations

by William Rubel

The consumer divide between yeasted and sourdough breads has been ongoing for centuries, though the two are not so different from each other.


Freshly Steamed Idlis Recipe

by Sandor Katz

Try something new and whip up this favorite Indian steamed cake.

Injera Inspiration

By Gianaclis Caldwell

Fermented teff grain is the secret to the flexible, spongy flatbread that serves as plate and utensils alike in traditional Ethiopian fare.

Koji in the Kitchen

by Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

Welcome this modest mold into your culinary world and reap its flavor-packed benefits.

Dosas and Idlis: Turn Beans to Bread

By Sandor Katz

One of the fastest and easiest bean ferments paves the way for two of India’s traditional dishes.

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