Craft homemade sourdough, injera, dosa, yeasted breads, and more, and, while your at it, try your hand at some healthy, fermented variations on old favorites like pancakes and oatmeal!

Fermented Rice Water Toner for Skin and Hair

by Emily Vicunas

Keep your skin healthy and moisturized by making this fermented rice water toner to help fend off the dry cold of winter.

Celiac-Safe Sourdough

by Tamika Adjemian

Enjoy the classic taste of sourdough bread without worry using this gluten-free recipe.

Basic Shio Koji Recipe

By Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

A common secondary ferment of koji, this umami-rich sauce will quickly become the secret ingredient in your cooking.

Customized Amazake Recipe

By Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

Try your hand experimenting with different amazake formulas to create customized results ranging from sweet to sour.


Molding a Future with Koji

By Meredith Leigh and Kirsten K. Shockey

Learn how this microbial powerhouse is pushing the boundaries of flavor, food, and function. Plus, get the recipes to make shio koji and amazake ice cream.

French Baguette Bread Recipe

Master this spin on the traditional French baguette recipe in a few steps with simple shaping techniques.

Sourdough Baking Essentials

Story by Richard Snapes, Grant Harrington, Eve Hemmingway and Photos by Patricia Niven

Follow this step by step process of making sourdough while learning why itโ€™s important for a starter and leaving process.

Simple Injera Recipe

By Gianaclis Caldwell

Try a new type of flour with these tangy, teff-based flatbreads originating from Ethiopia and its neighbors.

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