Dairy and Eggs

Whip up a batch of fresh cheese, buttermilk, ghee, labneh, butter, kefir, or even plant-based cheeses with these easy recipes!

How to Churn Butter

Learn how to make your own butter with Lehman’s Hand Crank Butter Churn.

Making and Pressing Easy Farmer's Cheese (Video)

Watch as Q and Jessica make and press Easy Farmer's Cheese.

Basic Cheesemaking (Video)

Gianaclis Caldwell, author, farmer and cheesemaker, gives step-by-step instructions to help even the most inexperienced of cheese lovers cook up their own creations.

Homemade Yogurt: Easy, High-Quality, Low-Cost

By Tabitha Alterman

Homemade yogurt is better than what you’ll find in grocery stores, usually less expensive than store-bought, and also devoid of the preservatives, stabilizers, fillers and sweeteners found in most grocery store yogurts. Making yogurt is easy, plus, homemade yogurt can surpass commercial yogurt in flavor and texture.


Mascarpone Recipe

By Tabitha Alterman

Italy’s traditional cream cheese, mascarpone, is easy to make with either tartaric acid or lemon juice.

Fromage Blanc Recipe

By Tabitha Alterman

Learning to make fromage blanc or chevre takes minutes, but the rewards last a lifetime.

You Can Make Yogurt at Home

Megan Phelps

I love the tangy flavor of yogurt. I think it's delicious both sweetened and plain and use it all the time as a substitute for sour cream. I would have guessed yogurt was hard to make, but I was surprised: there's really not much to it. If you read the recipes, making yogurt sounds complicated, but in fact, all you have to do is combine milk with a starter culture and keep it warm.

Making Homemade Cheese

Pat Kerr

Making homemade cheese is truly a rewarding science.

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