Dairy and Eggs

Whip up a batch of fresh cheese, buttermilk, ghee, labneh, butter, kefir, or even plant-based cheeses with these easy recipes!

Lactic Curd Cheeses

By Heather Cole

Master the art of cheese making with these instructions on how to craft and improvise your own delicious lactic curd cheeses.

Indian Karhi Yogurt Recipe

By Heather Cole

Add a touch of spice to your yogurt with this recipe for Indian Karhi yogurt, or even make a vegetarian meal of it with rice and vegetables.

How to Shape & Wrap Butter

By Heather Cole

Learn how you can shape and store your butter into different sizes for whatever needs you may have in a few simple steps.

Frozen Yogurt Recipe

By Heather Cole

Create frozen yogurt treats and creamy desserts by blending your own homemade yogurt with fruits, honey, chocolate or nuts.


A World of Arabic Cheeses

Written by Rawia Bishara and photographed by Con Poulos

Learn about some common Arabic cheeses: labneh, kashkaval, halloumi, and more!

Puffball Risotto Recipe

By Tiffany Francis

Try this wonderfully aromatic, earthy, Puffball Risotto for a perfect, hearty dish to welcome in cool autumn nights.

Bulgarian Feta Cheese Recipe

Written by David Asher and photographed by Kelly Brown.

Whip up this tasty Bulgarian feta cheese, which uses brine, air-drying, and a small amount of rennet to achieve a creamy texture.

Gurdwara Paneer Recipe

By David Asher

Transform milk into paneer with this gurdwara-inspired recipe. Plus, instructions for making your own cheese press.

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