Dairy and Eggs

Whip up a batch of fresh cheese, buttermilk, ghee, labneh, butter, kefir, or even plant-based cheeses with these easy recipes!

Buttermilk Corn Fritters Recipe

By Linn Nowicki

Lin Nowicki shares her recipe for Buttermilk Corn Fritters, perfect for breakfast or any meal of the day.

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

By Lin Nowicki

Lin Nowicki shares her recipe for Buttermilk Cornbread, a great side-dish paired with chili.

Buttermilk Coffee Cake With Plums Recipe

By Lin Nowicki

Lin Nowicki shares her recipe for Buttermilk Coffee Cake with Plums.

Making Kefir and Using It

By Staff

Since times of antiquity, it has nourished peasants and kings. Now you can try making kefir yourself.


Ghee: The Health G(h)eeks’ Favorite Fat

By Kate MacLean

India’s golden cooking fat, ghee, has made a name for itself as a non-perishable, low-lactose alternative to butter.

Easy Homemade Butter, Step by Step

By Linda Martin

You can make fresh, homemade butter in just a few easy steps by following these butter making instructions.

Firm Goat's Milk Yogurt Recipe

By Ellen Hastay

Goat’s milk yogurt is often runnier than people expect. Follow this goat's milk yogurt recipe for a simple way to firm it up.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Recipes

By Staff

French vanilla, raspberry, carob, peach, honey-lemon, coffee and desert oasis frozen yogurt recipes, and how to make yogurt at home.

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