The Balance of Sour: Persian Yogurt Culture

Read about the importance and prominence of yogurt in Persian cuisine and its role in Persian views on health.

| May 2019

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Louisa Shafia, author of The New Persian Kitchen, and Donia Bijan, a Cordon Bleu–trained chef and former restaurateur in the San Francisco Bay Area and author of the memoir Maman’s Homesick Pie: A Persian Heart in an American Kitchen, both painted a rich portrait of yogurt’s place at the Persian table. 

According to Shafia, who is the daughter of a Persian father and an American mother and grew up outside Philadelphia, yogurt is the common denominator of every Persian meal. She remembers it being on the table constantly during her childhood. “Persians don’t have raw green salads,” she said, “but they have yogurt salads,” featuring beets, sautéed shallots, and spinach, among other vegetables. There are no smoothies, but there is doogh, a fizzy, salty yogurt drink often served with kebabs.

Yogurt is also closely aligned with Persian views on health. One major tenet, she explained, is that “cooling” and “warming” foods should not be mixed in a single dish. Since yogurt is a “cooling food” and soft fruits (like berries) are “warming foods,” you won’t find traditional Persian dishes combining yogurt and fruit. Indeed, yogurt is not commonly paired with sweet foods at all. Instead, yogurt is deployed as a souring agent to cut fatty foods because it is believed that its acidic properties “help flush the fat out of your system.”

Unlike Shafia, who learned about her culinary heritage from her father and her own research, Bijan spent her early years in the then-bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis of Tehran. She recalled her uncle teaching her mother how to make yogurt. “I remember bowls of yogurt behind the couch with a blanket on top,” she said of her childhood in prerevolutionary Iran.

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