Dairy and Eggs

Whip up a batch of fresh cheese, buttermilk, ghee, labneh, butter, kefir, or even plant-based cheeses with these easy recipes!

Seaweed Skyr Dip Recipe

By Nicole Pisani and Kate Adams and photos by Issy Croker

Pair nori sprinkle with Icelandic yogurt for a high-protein, low-fat snack for dunking raw veggies or crackers.

Nepali Peda Cookies Recipe

By Association of Nepalis in the Americas

Peda, a sweet treat flavored with cardamom and pistachios, starts with creating homemade paneer and is chock-full of dairy products.

Rare Fermented Camel’s Milk

By Gianaclis Caldwell

Explore one of the world’s rarest ferments, camel’s milk, with an artisan cheesemaker, and get the history of this often-overlooked liquid.

Roquefort Cheese: Making Mold a Culinary Mainstay

By Lydia Noyes

Eat from cave to table with this centuries-old treasure that’s unique to a small French village. Learn the history behind this potent cheese.


Homemade Amazake and Sweet Amazake Custard Pudding Recipe

By Shihoko Ura and Elizabeth McClelland and photos by Shihoko Ura

Make your own sweet ferment — the base for a variety of tasty Japanese desserts, drinks and sauces — using Aspergillus oryzae, more commonly known as koji.

Spicy Fermented Eggs Recipe

Story and photos by Ann Accetta-Scott

Use a starter culture to create a fermented dish heavy on protein power. Adding jalapeños will give the eggs a nice kick.

A Natural Versatility: Mongolian Yogurt Culture

By Cheryl Sternman Rule

Learn about the Mongolians’ reverence for dairy — which has a much different taste and application than milk in America.

Coconut Milk Kefir Recipe

By Meg Thompson

Enjoy that delicious creamy taste and texture for your drinks or dishes by fermenting milk kefir using coconuts.

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