Blogger Guidelines

Blogs are an important part of the Fermentation community, and we’re always looking for new bloggers who can provide new, engaging, and useful information about the gardening lifestyle to fellow bloggers and Fermentation website visitors.

If you’re interested in and/or experienced in all things heirloom, and you’d like to join our blogging community, please send an email to our blogging coordinator to receive a blogging application.

As an Fermentation blogger, we encourage you to be yourself. Use a personal (and sometimes humorous) voice to share your knowledge and experience – and to offer tips and advice – on your favorite topics, projects and more. There is no right or wrong way to blog, so just be yourself and have fun with it as you document your journey and interact with the rest of the Fermentation family. We encourage folks to ask questions, to help one another, and make new friends.

The Fermentation blogging community is an inclusive body. Please refrain from using derogatory or aggressive language. Rants of most kinds will not be posted. Also, please steer clear of all divisive political and religious discussion. There are plenty of other soap boxes on the web for that kind of discourse.

What You Need to Know

At the moment we are not able to pay bloggers, but as a “thank you,” we will send you an Fermentation Blogger t-shirt. And while we don’t allow commercialized selling of your products or services, we do allow and encourage you to promote your website, personal blog, farm business, etc.

Ogden Publications reserves the right to republish any of your blog posts in print issues, and as a courtesy, we will let you know ahead of time, if possible. Fermentation also reserves the right to keep all blog posts live online indefinitely.

On occasion, Fermentation will assign an article for the magazine to a blogger who has proven he or she has knowledge on a specific topic, who has great writing skills, and who posts blogs regularly. If you’re interested in writing for the magazine, blogging is a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

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