Ashley Adamant

Occupation: Gardener, Forager and Mama to Two Wild LittlesAshley Adamant

Place of Residence: Central Vermont


Ashley grew up in Southern California, but after moving to the wilds of the northeast woodland at 17, she hasn't looked back. She found her love of the outdoors on as the captain of Dartmouth's Coed forestry team, where she learned the forgotten art of woodland management using both hand tools and chainsaws.

While working at an educational greenhouse, she learned how to grow tropical plants in a northern climate and successfully harvested and processed cocoa, vanilla and coffee during an especially cold New Hampshire winter.

She began her professional career working as a Process Improvement Specialist at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, where she worked to reduce medical error rates and improve efficiency in all aspects of healthcare from outpatient areas to the operating room. She is a Six Sigma Blackbelt, a methodology that can be used to generate optimal efficiency in any system.

These days, Ashley translates that efficiency theory training to her own homestead, and it helps her to produce food with minimal inputs.

After working in local agriculture advocacy, she decided to take her advocacy to heart and begin producing her own food with her husband on their 30-acre, off-grid homestead. She's spent the last decade learning as much as she can about home-brewing, canning, foraging, animal husbandry, charcuterie, mycology, wood stove cookery and permaculture.

Current Projects: These days, my main “projects” are my two pre-school aged children which keep me plenty busy. Someday I hope to write a foraging handbook and a collection of canning recipes.

More Places to Find Ashley:

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