Brew your own beer using these all-grain recipes and expert guides on everything from growing hops and barley to serving and tasting your finished product.

Guinness Malt Cake Recipe

By Claire Ptak and Henry Dimbleby | Photos by Steven Joyce

Make this moist, rich, and most importantly, delicious Guinness Malt Cake for a creative way to sneak the malty goodness of a stout into your dessert

Using Water Quality Report Parameters in Homebrewing

By John Palmer and Colin Kaminski

Determine what the appropriate concentration of contaminants is in order to brew tasty, impurity free beer.

Removing Chlorine from Brewing Water

By John Palmer and Colin Kaminski

Learn the science behind the most common methods of removing chlorine from your brew water to ensure your beer is free of off flavors.

Break Beer Session IPA Recipe

By Jakob Nielson and Mikael Zetterberg

Try brewing this session IPA for a perfect reward after hard day of work as its bitterness and fruity tones make this beer a great break from the heat.


Coriander Saison Recipe

By Jakob Nielsen and Mikael Zetterberg

Brew this vibrant saison, perfect for the spring time, with a flavorful assortment of spices and herbs, sure to please anyone’s pallet.

Guinness and Blackberry Beef Stew Recipe

By John Whaite and photos by Nassima Rothacker

Find out why fruit makes this dish a star despite the heavy hitters: Irish stout and beef. Tip: don’t omit the relish.

Stay True to the Brew

by Jereme Zimmerman

Let your brew recipe inform your equipment choices and get great beer with little to no extra cost.

Quick Guide on Hop Aroma and Flavor

By John J. Palmer

Explore the vibrant world of hop aroma and flavor using this guide’s advice on regional specific varieties.

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